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May 12, 2012
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"Bloody hell, where is she?"

The police officer Arthur Kirkland was chasing one of the most elusive criminal with whom he had met so far. [Name] [Last Name], a woman with two faces, if you let yourself be persuaded by her innocent smile and her melodic laugh, you were lost. Nobody could imagine that behind that innocent exterior was a criminal personality, and that was her best weapon. However, Arthur had managed to find her that night, but before he was aware, she had disappeared from his sight.

"Agh! I was so close, I can't believe I have lost her!"

Suddenly, something caught Arthur's eye. Someone was watching him from the end of the street, who, realizing she had been discovered, giggles and ran to an old building. He recognized the voice and kept trying not to lose her again. Arthur entered the building, but before he could ask where [Name] has hidden, something hit him hard in the head and blacked out.

"God Alfred, you know we need him alive."

[Name] came out of the shadows to join her companion Alfred and the unconscious Arthur. Alfred scratched his neck as he laughed.

"Ahahaha, I guess I got out of hand." 

[Name] sighed.

"Okay, let's get everything ready for when Sleeping Beauty wakes up."

-Time Skip-

Arthur groaned as he opened his eyes slowly. He tried to touch the place where he had been beaten, but a string tied tightly to his body prevented him from moving from the chair that he now occupied. In front of him could see all the weapons they had brought with him that night on the floor, and a little more away from them, a couple of feet coming towards him. Arthur looked up. There was the woman who was giving him so much trouble.

"Well, it seems that you woke up. Good, because I need to ask you some questions." 

Arthur glared at her.

"No matter what you do, I won't answer anything you ask me!"

[Name] smirked as she approached slowly to Arthur. Once she reached him, she sat on his lap and leaned toward him sliding her arms behind his neck. He looked at her shocked, blushing heavily due to contact with her body. A shiver ran through his body when [Name] started talking seductively in his ear.

"Really? Come on, I just wanna know how I can get those secret files~"

[Name] nibbled his ear as she started to stroke Arthur's chest. His blush was becoming stronger and when she went to unbutton his pants, he couldn't be retained longer.

"O-okay!, I'll tell you how you can get them..."

-Time skip-

"Ahahaha! Finally got them!"

"Yes, the truth is it was pretty easy to get the information. Let's go before things get complicated."

[Name] drew the disk with the information they needed and turned off the computer. But before they could leave the building, they found themselves surrounded by a large number of policemen. And in front of all them was Arthur, who seemed to have regained his composure.

"Damn, you had this planned in case something happened, right?"

Arthur approached her and cuffed her hands behind her backAnd as she had done before, he whispered in her ear with his most seductive voice.

"It seems that the tables have turned, right? Now I have to punish you..."

This is a request for ~RosalinaNW I'm sorry, this took me so long :icononionfailplz:

I changed a bit the plot, yet I hope you like :D

I don't own England, America or Hetalia. You belongs to you.

If there are mistakes, please tell me.
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PART TWO!!!~(chants for over an hour)
Awesome story!!!~
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Ami the only one who is seeing a span thing throughtout the work? 
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zhe punishment, I want to see zhe punishment ufufufufufufufu
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